Counselling is a journey we travel together; one that I am passionate about.

As a fully qualified integrative counsellor, I aim to enable change in my clients and help them explore the resources they already have.  I’m passionate about supporting people see their own path, and my style is very much built around each individual client. That journey we take together is one that only you and I will take, enabling me to fully commit to your needs.

Trusting me with your inner most thoughts is something I take very seriously, it’s an honour to work alongside you and I treat that trust in me with the most tender of care.  Seeing your world from my neutral but invested viewpoint enables me to help you navigate your path – whether that path is a new one or just a re-envisioned one, I am very much travelling it with you.

I have worked at The Hospice In the Weald and MIND – both experiences have enriched my own journey and the lessons learnt from working in palliative care and mental health. This has added a resonance to my counselling style that I believe is unquantifiable.

I believe counselling doesn’t have to be static and so I offer walking therapy – where we can leave the therapy room and stretch our legs. Nature has a profound effect on many people and being surrounded by it can help you reach deeper within yourself.  Conversations in the outdoors can feel lighter, the pressure to explore our feelings often lifts with fresh air.

My practice is overseen by a supervisor on a monthly basis – this gives my clients the reassurance that whilst my counselling is tailored to you and you alone. I adhere to the Ethical Framework for Good Practice.

I offer therapy for individuals in my private practice in Hove. I also offer online sessions if required.

I am available for weekday, evening and Saturday morning appointments.